How Lucky: Kurt Vile and John Prine- DJ Pick of the Week

Kurt Vile Album art
Kurt Vile Album art

Rev’s DJ Pick of the Week! 

Today’s DJ pick comes from two legends, Kurt Vile and John Prine. This year has been a difficult one, but losing the late John Prine hit us like a ton of bricks. In June Prine released his final single, “I Remember Everything”, a somber track that takes the listener on an intimate journey through Prine’s life. 

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It’s impossible to express how much we really needed John Prine in this world. How much I needed him. John’s music hit me hard in my 20s and it just got deeper with age… sort of the way his newer records break your heart a little more every time they come out… in the last several years he was probably my biggest influence… certainly the only legend I’ve met so down to earth (even if i mighta got a little awkward from time to time)… that’s cuz John cut clean thru to the human heart in song and in life. Everyone from Springsteen to Stephen King is paying tribute. But I gotta say I think I was his biggest fan. Yup, he has that effect on people (we all feel this way). I’m lucky to have finally met him and played some shows with him, even sat in on his set a few times… Recently I got to drag him into the studio to record one of his songs (thanks Ferg!)… I’m so grateful to have been able to get to know him just a tiny bit. A few years before this we went to nashville to see John perform at the ryman for his 70th bday and I stood outside his dressing room like an awkward teen in my late 30s… my wife Suzanne said it was “awkward in the heart” to watch, haha. Another time John got convinced to let me sit in on a song at hardly strictly bluegrass festival in SF. But then I realized my set with Courtney ended in the middle of their set and their stage was on the other side of the park… after the last note of my set I jumped onto the back of a golf cart with four bottles of beer, we sped off and I got to Prine’s stage just in time to be introduced. I swiveled onstage like a spinning bobble-head and managed to not forget the words to my verse, brains flying. Later I opened for John in philly and he met my dad backstage, my dad talked with John about “paradise” (which John wrote for his dad) and workin on the railroad… later John said “oh yeah Kurt’s dad, Charlie Vile, salt of the earth…” that’s John Prine for ya, straight down to earth. We’ll all miss him so much. Love forever to Fiona and the Prine family and Eileen. They should know I would do anything the oh boy family asked. "Shine your light… move it on… you burn so bright… roll on, John"

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“How Lucky” the subject of today’s pick, is the first collaborative single released after Prine’s passing. Originally recorded by Prine in 1979, Vile wanted to collaborate with his musical hero and reimagine the song. This sweet tune is full of melancholy but makes you reflect on the beautiful moments in this passing life. “How Lucky” sounds like a summer day spent with old friends reminiscing on the past. This single comes from Vile’s new EP, Speed, Sound, Lonely KV’. This EP drops today, October 2nd, and features five-song. Speed, Sound, Lonely KV’, was recorded over four years at The Butcher Shoppe studios right here in Nashville. 

Vile said this in a press release about working with Prine, “The truth is John was my hero for a long time when he came into The Butcher Shoppe to recut one of his deepest classics with me, man, I was floating and flying and, I couldn’t hear anything he told me while he was there till after he was gone for the night", said Vile. 
"A couple of nights later we were playing "How Lucky" together again, this time onstage at the Grand Ole Opry on New Year’s Eve at the turn of 2020. Nothing like seeing John and his band of musical brothers and family and friends playing into the new decade in front of an adoring audience on that stage in Nashville, Tennessee…and, yup, that’s just how lucky we all got that night.” 

Since Prine’s passing the world has seemed a bit darker, but how lucky are we that his music and impact will live on forever. 

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Written by: Madison Sharp