Lombardy – “Don’t Wanna See You Round Here”: Local Artist of the Week


Who knew an evening pizza party would turn into a defining moment in the Lombardy members’ lives? While celebrating a birthday, a group of musicians bonded over their shared love for rock. After an hour of impromptu collaborating, Lombardy’s first song was complete. Recording their first 8 original tracks just two weeks later, they have now put out 4 singles since their conception less than a year ago. This week, the local artist pick is Lombardy due to their first release, “Don’t Wanna See You Around Here“.

Lombardy is a new breed of Rock N’ Roll born in Nashville, TN. Debuting at the start of 2021, the group consists of Mike Scott (Vocals/Lead Guitar), Jonathan Plevyak (Vocals/ Rhythm Guitar), Nick Stafford (Bass), & Ryan Rasmussen (Drums). The self-titled debut album ‘ Lombardy’ will be released on August 13. The band’s sound is drawn from personal inspirations across many differing genres, resulting in a new age of rock n’ roll. In just a short time since formation, the band has become known for their high energy live shows, bringing rock n’ roll back in the limelight. In a past interview with Streaming Dept., Lombardy discussed their debut:

“This project wasn’t really supposed to happen. That’s kind of been the magic of it. The whole experience so far has been very just going with our gut and spontaneous. Of course we want to have a strong strategy for the long road, but being able to blend it with what makes this band so fun for us.”

-Jonathan Plevyak, Lombardy

Comparing themselves to a brotherhood, the group’s chemistry can be felt through their performances and music videos. Check out “Don’t Wanna See You Round Here” below:

Listen all week to hear “Don’t Wanna See You Round Here” as we feature Lombardy as our Local Artist of the Week! Listen live on-air at 100.1FM or at lightning100.com.