Lonely Time – Chris Smither: DJ Pick of the Week


Casey’s DJ Pick of the Week –  “Lonely Time” by Chris Smither

“Lonely Time” is one of the latest releases off of Chris Smither’s upcoming album, More From the Levee. Smither originally wrote “Lonely Time” 50 years ago for his 1970 debut album, I’m a Stranger Too! and revisited it for his 18th album coming out later this month.

In a conversation with American Songwriter, Chris Smither talks about the origin of the song “I think this might be the first positive relationship song I ever wrote and written as a young man at that. Prior to this one, I don’t think I believed such a song could be done, so I never tried.”

“Lonely Time” is an acoustic and bluesy love song . The steady guitar and drum beat follows along with Smither’s vocals and warm lyrics throughout the entire track.

Smither also speaks about the track withstanding the test of time, “I think it still holds up despite the roads taken in life.” There is something so special about a song that can go decades without losing any of its charm.

“Lonely Time” is not the only blast from the past that Chris Smithers has been working on recently. More From the Levee is a 24 track album, 10 of which were cut from past projects and are seeing the light of day in 2020. The new album comes out September 26th!

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