Lukas Nelson and Promise of the Real – Bad Case


Keith here with my DJ pick of the week from Lukas Nelson and Promise of the Real. “Bad Case” is the lead single off their forthcoming album, Turn Off the News (Build a Garden), out June 14 via Fantasy Records

“We wanted these songs to be fun and upbeat, but we also wanted to have something to say,” Nelson said. “Rock ‘n’ roll began as a countercultural movement, so in the true spirit of rock ‘n’ roll, we’re trying to encourage a lifestyle where people can be active in their local communities, rather than glued to a device. We listen to so many artists – The Byrds, Tom Petty, Al Green, Neil Young, Little Feat, JJ Cale – and this album carries forth something they all represented, the idea of turning off the news and doing something constructive. It’s a statement about how you can live your life with your heart leading the way.”

Listen to “Bad Case” below and let us know what you think!