Matthew Perryman Jones – Lovers In Another Life


Jayson here with my DJ pick of the week from singer, songwriter Matthew Perryman Jones. “Lovers In Another Life” is our first preview from Jones’ fifth studio album The Waking Hours out Sept. 21.

The album, much like his previous work, explores existential themes such as needing to understand pain and suffering in order to appreciate the joys of love. The Pennsylvania native considers himself a performing songwriter by trade and a seeker at heart. Through his craft, he is able to transform the discovery of his own inner world into art that encourages self discovery in his fans.

With The Waking Hours, Jones is embarking on what might be the ultimate test of his inner compass: making an album with only himself, a guitar, some basic recording gear and genius loci — the spirit of place. Listen to the single “Lovers In Another Life” below and let us know what you think!