Occasionally – Lydia Luce: DJ Pick of the Week

Lydia Luce - Press Photo

Lydia Luce is a singer-songwriter currently based in Nashville. Lydia started playing music at the early age of six. She particularly excelled at viola, which has guided her career in music. Luce graduated from Berklee College of Music and obtained her master’s in viola performance from UCLA. Upon finishing her master’s, Lydia moved to Nashville where she has pursued her solo career. From her first EP, The Tides, to her 2018 album, Azalea, Lydia has created beautiful instrumental and vocal-driven songs. This continues to be evident with her latest single, “Occasionally”, featured as Jayson’s DJ Pick of the Week!

“Occasionally” begins with just an acoustic guitar before Lydia’s warm, smooth vocals come in. Lydia Luce sings with a gentle cadence in the verse before her voice picks up more power in the chorus. At the lyrics’ first glance, “Occasionally” seems to be a love song about loss and longing. But the song took on a new meaning for Lydia after the tornado in Nashville back in March. The tornado struck Lydia’s house and she just nearly missed getting hit. The intensity of the tornado influenced her own view on the song. Lydia Luce shared that “this song transformed into a song about anxiety and how it can come on unexpectedly and linger in your thoughts and body no matter how desperately you attempt to shake it off.”

“Like a snake you wait in tall grass and vine. You hide away your face.

Out of reach your vision comes to me. And suddenly you cross my mind.”

Lydia luce

“Occasionally” is the second single off of her upcoming album Dark River, which is due to be released February 26th, 2021. The album was recorded at Southern Ground Studios in Nashville, currently owned by Zac Brown. Be sure to keep your eye out for the album early next year!

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