River Whyless – Born In The Right Country


Good morning folks, Adam here with my DJ pick of the week from folk quartet River Whyless. Their new record Kindness, A Rebel drops this Friday, June 8. I’m over the moon for all I’ve heard from it, particularly “Born In The Right Country.” Give it a listen below and let us know what you think.

The four-piece has been working to expand from their folk music horizons and incorporate more diverse musical elements. “Born In The Right Country” does just this while exploring the division of classes in America.

“At its core, Born in the Right Country is about innate luck. Cosmic luck, that of an individual, born into a country or society which accepts them as that unique individual. Born in the Right Country speaks both through the eyes of our president and the narrator. In the song, vanity seems to trickle down much more freely than money and you can see it take root in the middle and lower classes as we strive to live like the upper. The dominant class is built on the idea that anyone can, and should become like them,” Ryan O’Keefe says. “We were raised to call this the American Dream. It’s imperative to the success of the upper class that the American Dream stays as it is, a dream. Meanwhile, the reality persists, which is that the vast majority of people stay in the class to which they were born. Sure, there are people that break through, in our country especially, but the rich generally stay rich and the poor generally stay poor.”


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