the615 : Mayhem Edition – 6/4/18


This week on The 615 Adam and Hammel play tracks by Lightning 100’s 2018 Music City Mayhem contestants! Hear tracks from great local artists including our Road to Roo winner The Foxies plus the entire 32 finalist from Mayhem. Tune in to The 615 every Monday at 6:15 for 2 hours of local music!

  • Be Afraid Boy by The Foxies
  • Hate You Now by And The Boys
  • Don’t Ever Forget by Lauren Balthrop
  • Kiss Like by Jack Berry
  • I Think I Think Too Much by Born Animal
  • Sittin’ On Top by Carey Ott & The Hard Ways
  • Good Girl by Cave Mode Shake
  • Trem by Champion Electric
  • Rebels by Coopertheband
  • Fake News by Chris Cron
  • So Bad by Doran Danoff
  • Hold Me Down by Dirty Fuss
  • Can’t Fake It by Jackson Dreyer
  • When It Rains In LA by Jesse Daniel Edwards
  • Oh Eleanor by Forest Fire Gospel Chior
  • All Messed Up by Gyasi
  • Dukes of Hume by Jackson Bruck & The Dukes of Hume
  • Born In The Right Country by River Whyless
  • Covered In Roses by James Ethan Clark & The Renegades
  • Be Loved by Kios
  • Will We Ever Change by Joel Levi
  • Anne Marie by LUCAS
  • Stranger by Miki Fiki
  • Money Tree by People on the Porch
  • Dealing With It Daily by Pickup Sticks
  • The Autumn Man by Smart Objects
  • All We Have by South For Winter
  • Medicine by Spazz Cardigan
  • Leaving You by Jonathan Stoye
  • A Toast and A Spirit by Vacation Manor
  • Afterlife by Beth White


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