Lightning Bugs: Inventions


Hootie Hoo! This week on Lightning Bugs, Mr. Jack asked our listeners to share their ideas for an invention and we had some innovative answers!

Early risers, Adam and Jayson started us off with some of their favorite inventions that have made their mornings more motivated. Jayson gave a shout out to the ever popular programmable coffee machine. There truly is no feeling like waking up to the smell of hot coffee. Adam is thankful he doesn’t have to set his alarm every night thanks to his smartphone.

We had a couple of time travelers call today! Mary Caroline would invent a watch that could go not only back in time, but forward in time and even be able to pause time. What would she use this invention for? To relive her favorite birthday parties and to prank her brother of course! Elijah would invent a time machine to travel all the way back to the Jurassic days of the dinosaurs to hang out with all of his favorite prehistoric pals.

Sophia and her dad, Mr. Peach called in to tell us that today is actually the Invention Convention at MTSU. Sophia is presenting her very own invention. A glove which can help people with special needs maintain their writing form and allow for a better grip on their pen or pencil! Young pioneers like Sophia are changing the world through their creativity and ambition.

Mr. Jack told us about some other young inventors from history like the 11 year old who invented the popsicle back in 1905! The famous Benjamin Franklin invented swimming flippers when he was 11 years old. Braille was invented in 1824 by a 15 year old! You can start creating at any age!

If there is something in the world that you think should be different, “I could make this easier. I can make it better. I can make it faster,” you have the power to do it! The possibilities of what you can achieve are absolutely endless, and when you make a mistake 1,000 times that means you have 1,000 chances to learn how to not do something and on the 1,001st time you just might get it.

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Written by Erin Renfro