Lightning Bugs: Restaurants


Hootie Hoo! This week on Lightning Bugs, Chef Mr. Jack asked our business and food savvy listeners, “If you could open your own restaurant, what would it be called and what type of food would you serve?” This question was quite appetizing and we had an extra large order of callers with a side of catching up with some of our regular callers!

Adam’s favorite kind of food is Mexican and more specifically, street tacos! Some of you had restaurants catered to his taste. Laura Lynn would call her restaurant “Taco Take-Out” and have robots serving the tacos!

Mr. Jack also loves Mexican food and Pierce might have just imagined up his new favorite restaurant… Pierce would call his restaurant, “Mr. Jack’s” and serve Mexican food. Well now we know where to find Mr. Jack on his lunch break… maybe even at breakfast and dinner!

Breaking apart from the pack, Jayson’s preferred cuisine is Italian. But not to worry! You all imagined up plenty of places for him to get his fill of good food. Addison would call her restaurant, “Super Mario World” and offer delicious Italian food like, “Mario Chicken Marinara”, “Toad’s Mushroom Pizza”, and “Luigi’s Spinach Pasta”!

We had a special treat on the show with Lightning Bugs Trivia! Do you know the ingredients in a Mirepoix? Well we learned it’s carrots, celery, and onions. Classic French ingredients! Do you know when during a meal you eat the “Amuse-bouche”? Jayson answered, “Whenever you want!” which sounds good to us but the correct answer was before. An Amuse-bouche is an appetizer!

We look forward to seeing you put your ideas into action from restaurants to any other dream you might have! Our callers are the ones who make Lightning Bugs well… Lightning Bugs! Creativity is so important! Try something new, put yourself out there, get weird, and take a risk. You never know what might come from it! Hootie Hoo!

Didn’t catch yourself live? Take a listen to the show below and see if your call was on our airwaves.

Written by Erin Renfro