Keeping Kids Safe and Entertained at Home: Resources for Busy Parents


With many schools around the country remaining closed throughout the rest of the academic year due to the COVID-19 pandemic, parents everywhere are wondering how they can help their children stay safe and healthy while making sure they keep up with their schoolwork. Turning to informative resources can help you navigate this unprecedented situation as a parent. We’ve collected guides full of advice on homeschooling tools, home safety tips, and more to help you make the most of your time at home with your children. 

Protecting Your Children at Home

Right now, safety and hygiene are on every parent’s mind. Whether you’re worried about accidentally bringing the virus home or simply guaranteeing that your home is a secure place for your children, these resources will help you address these concerns. 

  • Even if you’re staying close to home, you want to practice strict hygiene habits so that your house stays free of the virus. Make a habit of regularly cleaning and disinfecting your home, and if your kids are old enough, let them help you!
  • When it comes to home safety, the coronavirus isn’t parents’ only concern. Ensure that your home is secure from top to bottom, and talk to your older kids about keeping an eye on their younger siblings.
  • If you’re an essential worker, your kids might be spending some time alone in the house. Make sure that they know how to call 911 in case of an emergency.  

Teaching in Your At-Home Classroom

Aside from worries about safety, you might feel anxious about your child missing out on valuable time in the classroom while schools are closed. Fortunately, you can turn to technology to help your child keep up with their curriculum.

  • Utilize the tools you already have to help your child with their schoolwork. Tablets can be entertaining, but you can also use these devices for educational purposes
  • If this is your first time homeschooling, check out online courses for helpful supplemental materials. Teaching STE(A)M subjects at home can be challenging, but these courses will give you ideas for engaging lesson plans and hands-on activities. 
  • Want to help your older children stay informed about what’s going on outside of your home? Listening to local radio stations can prompt conversations about current events — and when you all need to blow off some steam, you can break for a dance party! 

Time Away from Technology

Although your tablet, laptop, and radio can be effective educational tools, you might want to teach your child without relying on technology sometimes. Whether you want to focus on teaching domestic skills or staying active inside, you have options for hands-on learning! 

  • This is the perfect opportunity to teach your children valuable life skills. If your kids are interested in helping in the kitchen, it might be time for some beginner cooking lessons!
  • In addition to teaching your kids new skills, it’s also important to help them stay physically active. Take some time to exercise indoors a few times per week.
  • Want to relax and have some fun while encouraging your kids to use their critical thinking skills? Break out the snacks and board games for family game night!

Right now, every parent is asking questions about how to support their children throughout this confusing time. By making safety a priority, taking advantage of technology to teach your children, and balancing learning with free time, you and your children will be able to fully enjoy your extended time together at home.  

article contributed by Maria Cannon of Hobby Jr.