Silicone Boone – Found You


Casey here with my DJ pick of the week from up-and-coming artist Silicone Boone. “Found You” is the lead single from his debut LP The Reaches, a record he describes as a “space rock concept album.”

Growing up Amish, Boone had no knowledge of the outside world, let alone rock ‘n roll music, but after discovering the genre as a young adult, he knew making music was his calling.

Listen to “Found You” below and let us know what you think!

Casey is that rarest of creatures…a Native Tennesseean. His love of music can be traced to the day his dad sat him down and played him Bo Diddley’s “Who Do You Love?” Everything pretty much changed after that. He began his broadcasting career at the age of 14 at an AM station in Northern Middle Tennessee. It was there he learned how to cue vinyl records, splice tape with razor blades, and other skills that no longer serve any purpose. In the late nineties, he was the host of our evening show until management decided that probably wasn’t a good idea anymore. Casey returned to Nashville airwaves in 2016. When he isn’t on the air, he spends his time with his wife and son. He would also appreciate it if you’d get offa his lawn.


  1. hey lightning 100/casey,

    thanks so much for featuring my great friend silicone boone as your DJ pick of the week. i’m biased for sure, having know samuel for 20+years, but this album is nothing short of amazing. stoked for everyone to hear it in the very near future. thanks again for your kindness toward independent artists trying to give the world something beautiful.

    wells hurtgen

  2. I’ve listened to this song 20 times today and it keeps getting better and more meaningful. Great choice.

  3. Love this song! I have listened to it many times since it came out. Everytime something new stands out to me. It has become a favorite.

  4. He’s one of the best hidden song writers of our time! Thanks for featuring this song, can’t wait to hear the rest of the album!

  5. Yo, Casey & Lightning100!!

    You never saw it coming, I know. Like a meteorite to the airwaves. It’s a solid bonus that you have found this single “Found You” and you have found it worthy of sharing with the masses. This is just the beginning of Silicone Boone’s offerings to be poured out for us all to explore far & wide. In his LP, “the reaches”, we dream of our own universes, of going and seeing and pioneering, and it’s just what the ever-increasing ‘small world’ needs in order to keep the adventure alive in the ages to come.💫

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