Spoon – “Wild”: DJ Pick of the Week


This week, Keith has chosen “Wild” by Spoon as his DJ Pick! Spoon is a band from Austin, Texas that has been making rock music since 1993. The band’s hits include “The Underdog”, a 2007 release featured in several films, and “Inside Out”, a song popularized because of its sheer beauty. Spoon boasts a whopping nine albums in their discography, with another on the way.

Released on January 11th, “Wild” carries a tone of encouragement, with lyrics describing the world calling out to someone, bringing them out of the mundane. The guitar carries a hopeful melody and the keyboard compliments every note. The music video for this single is in black and white and presents lead singer and guitarist Britt Daniel as he walks down a desert road. The style of the song and the video are consistent with Spoon’s past releases but unique enough to grab the attention of long-time fans and newcomers alike. 

This single’s release is in anticipation of Spoon’s tenth album, Lucifer on the Sofa. Recorded in their home state of Texas, the upcoming album is their “purest rock ‘n roll record to date”. You can enjoy the full album when it drops on February 11th. Until then, get excited for the new release by watching the music video for “Wild” here:

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