Blondshell – “Joiner”: Stephanie’s DJ Pick of the Week


Stephanie’s DJ Pick of the Week is “Joiner” by Blondshell. “Joiner” was released on April 24th via Partisan Records. Along with the release, the Los Angeles-based artist Sabrina Teitelbaum announced her debut self-titled record, Blondshell. Before “Joiner,” the artist created ample traction having already released four of the nine tracks on the record. All slinging tones of nostalgic alt-rock, the 25-year-old is quickly making a place for herself inside the ever-fluid indie scene. In collaboration with producer and fellow artist Yves Rothman, the two channeled the frailties of rage to create a necessary body of female rock.

“Joiner,” along with Blondshell’s previous singles, places shockingly vulnerable lyrics on top of explosive rock melodies. The dense, slinky guitar layers wedged between addictive drum and bass lines create a lyrically contrasting melodic relief. The artist says much of her inspiration for “Joiner” came from listening to lots of British pop. Using fun instrumental elements to help digest vulnerable subject matter, writing on bad relationships, getting sober, sexual fruition, and pleasure at large. The work is refreshingly honest and inherently bold.

Blondshell is currently on tour with Suki Waterhouse, and the two delivered a sold-out show last Saturday at the Basement East. Heading onto an international tour later this summer, the upcoming record is merely a start for the female rocker.

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