Sundaes – “I Wonder”: DJ Pick of the Week

Max Nunes of Sundaes

This week, Casey has selected “I Wonder” by Sundaes as his DJ Pick! Sundaes is an experimental music group founded by talented vocalist Max Nunes. The band debuted through a set of live performances in New York, but now operates out of Nashville. Since forming in 2015, Sundaes has released two EPs and the first part of a studio album. The music of Sundaes incorporates elements of indie rock, folk, country, and dream pop genres.

At its core, “I Wonder” is soothing and pleasant to listen to. The drums are simple and subdued, yet full and punchy when necessary. Meanwhile, the synthesizer and bass lay down a smooth groove throughout the song. “I Wonder” features solos on steel guitar and fiddle that both mesh well with the other instruments. Max Nunes’ vocal delivery is soft and refined, amplifying the song’s calming effect on the listener.

“I Wonder” is the fifth and final song released as part of Sundaes’ second EP, Boys Who Made Me Cry. This EP is the band’s first release of 2022, with no additional releases scheduled yet. However, it is likely that the next volume of the Sundaes self-titled studio album is in the works. Until then, be sure to stay up to date with Sundaes through their Facebook, Instagram, and website. Also, be sure to check out their song “I Wonder” on Apple Music, Spotify, or Bandcamp.

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