Tabitha Meeks “fakin’ it” – Casey’s DJ Pick of the Week

Tabitha Meeks

Casey’s DJ Pick of the Week is “fakin’ it” from Tabitha Meeks! This long-awaited track is the first to come from Tabitha since March of this year. The soulful sound from a Nashville musician is the anti-adulting anthem we all need in our lives.

Tabitha’s lyrics are somewhat playful, but hit close to home for many. With a chord progression and melody redolent of a 50s love song and the production of a modern pop hit, the sound of “fakin’ it” is mimetic of its content and message. Tabitha tells listeners through a plunky piano part and a smooth string section that there is no shame in feeling unsteady in our adult lives. It’s a simple message that we all need to hear sometimes.

This track drops you straight into the chorus, with a gradual burst of strings and a sudden time signature change. Her floating background vocals elevate this track to be airy, light, and carefree, much like her attitude toward adulthood. Tabitha clearly curated a feeling for this track: it’s elegant and nostalgic, but lighthearted and fun. If you’re looking for a perfect end-of-summer spin, listen to “fakin’ it” here:

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