Tennis – Need Your Love

Tennis is the duo of Patrick Riley and Alaina Moore; their latest album is called Yours Conditionally.

Indie pop duo Tennis recently shared their new single “Need Your Love” in anticipation of their fifth studio album Swimmer. 

“’Need Your Love’ is rooted in anger,” says Alaina Moore. “I usually deny myself the emotion, but the music demanded intensity from me and I had a lot to be angry about at the time. I was letting go of unhealthy relationships – trying to find healing without closure. The song turned into an emotional purge. We used sparse instrumentation and tempo changes to reflect the isolation and relentlessness of my mental state. Despite all the heaviness, writing this song was a joyful experience. The music was resilient enough to handle our wildest ideas and we indulged every whim. It’s my favorite song Patrick and I have written.”

Listen to “Need Your Love” below and let us know what you think!