The Brummies – Automatic World Exclusive Album Debut

the brummies automatic world exclusive album debut on the615

A local rock favorite is back with a new album, and we couldn’t wait ’til Friday to dig in. Since The BrummiesAutomatic World landed at the station, we knew it would be hard to keep it to ourselves. At Lightning 100, what’s ours is yours, so make yourself comfortable on our airwaves tonight for an exclusive first-listen on #The615! Listen locally at 100.1FM, or just click the play button at the bottom of this page to tune in!

This new record is a shimmering collaboration with music masterminds Austin Jenkins & Jarrad K. You’ve heard their work on your favorite tunes by Leon Bridges, Ruston Kelly, and other Lightning 100 notables. While these award-winning producers’ influence on the album is evident, all 13 tracks are fully their own. Automatic World frames their talent in a new light, and it’s never looked brighter for the band!

“Cherry Blossom” opens the album and welcomes you to The Brummies sound you know & love, and it’s instantly clear they’re leaping past our ever-climbing expectations. Songs like this one, “Call Me,” and “After Midnight” deliver their indie-psych rock atmosphere that you can depend on. At the same time, you appreciate the soulful nuances that make this album a unique release for the band. “Sunshine,” is a great example of that, and that’s why we’ve stolen it for our airwaves before. And we’d do it again, we could use more sunshine in 2020!

If you live in Nashville, you’ve probably heard one of our favorites on the record- Fever Dream. We’re featuring it in our rotation right now, and it perfectly demonstrates the scope of The Brummies’ Automatic World. If you like this song, just wait till you get the full album tonight at 6:15 CT thanks to Drum Pickers and Zero to 60!

The Brummies – Automatic World