the615 – 7/8/24


This week on the615, Casey introduces Cecilia Castleman as our new Local Artist of the Week! We also heard tracks from friendstore, Tabitha Meeks, Bonner Black, and many more. Tune in every Monday and Saturday from 6pm to 8pm for the615! Special thanks to our sponsors Daddy’s Dogs and SAE Institute!

• friendstore “Veronica”

• Rosetta “I Gotta Know”

• KJ Wild “give it time”

• Venus & The Flytraps “Frankenstein”

• Cecilia Castleman (feat. Benjamin Francis Leftwich) “Can’t Escape A Broken Heart”

• Lombardy “Way Down”

• Carey Ott and Freaks of Nashville “No Front”

• Bonner Black “I’m Not Your Girl”

• Hello Darling “Daylight “

• Augustus Carroll “Dapper Dan”

• Henry Cruz “What Is Love”

• LAYNA (feat. Austin Redden) “I WON’T APOLOGIZE”

• Vinnie Paolizzi “Ahead Of Me”

• Kim Richey “Joy Rider”

• Nashville Saints “Fade Into You”

• Caleb Caudle “Knee Deep Blues”

• The Penn Jones Conspiracy “Houdini”

• ZG Smith “Work That Magic”

• Julia Cannon, Brian Sour “The Hit$”

• Tabitha Meeks, Lights Follow “Run Free”

• Late Night Television “Pump The Brakes”

• Kaitlin Butts “Other Girls”

• The FBR “Independence Day”

• Ali Sperry “Gladys and Rosalie”

• Hannah Fairlight “Fever”

• Stray Arcade “Wandering Eyes”

• Keep The Eleven “You’ll Never Wear My Sweater”

• The It City “Shatter”