the615 – 6/17/24


This week on the615, Casey introduces Zach Seabaugh as our new Local Artist of the Week! We also heard tracks from Morbid Orchid, The Love-In, Laken Campo, and many more. Tune in every Monday and Saturday from 6pm to 8pm for the615! Special thanks to our sponsors Daddy’s Dogs and SAE Institute!

• Rosetta “I Gotta Know”

• The Love-In “Elio”

• Calico Mantra “Infinite Void”

• Soccer Mommy “Lost”

• Zach Seabaugh “Christmas Lights”

• Devon Gilfillian “Mercy “

• Denitia “Back To You”

• Kaitlin Butts “Roadrunner”

• Bullshark “Should’ve Known”

• Babe and The Crystals “The Way You Love Me”

• Joseph Shipp “Dig Deep”

• Linda Dunnavant “Meet Me There”

• KJ Wild “Give It Time “

• Carey Ott and Freaks of Nashville “No Front”

• Imogen Clark “Sebastian”

• Repeat Repeat “”Animal Version””

• Margo Price w/ Mike Campbell “Ways To Be Wicked”

• The It City “Shatter”

• Morbid Orchid “Supersoaker”

• Sadler Vaden “Two Balloons”

• Stray Arcade “Can’t Complain”

• The American Indie “On Her Way”

• Lindsay Lou “Queen Of Time”

• Late Night Television “Go Getter”

• Laura Reed “Mercy”

• Jonny Lucas “I Like It Like That”

• 32 Draculas “Jealousy”

• The Dreaded Laramie “Where’s My Crystal Ball”

• Bird and Byron “I’ll Always Be There”

• Laken Campo “Ghost”