the615 – 7/1/24


This week on the615, Casey introduces Jess Nolan our new Local Artist of the Week! We also heard tracks from Venus and the Flytraps, Caroline Spence, Henry Cruz, and many more. Tune in every Monday and Saturday from 6pm to 8pm for the615! Special thanks to our sponsors Daddy’s Dogs and SAE Institute!

  • Venus & The Flytraps “Frankenstein”
  • Lombardy “Way Down”
  • Caroline Spence “Clean Getaway”
  • Jess Nolan “Moss”
  • Julia Cannon and Brian Sour “The HIt$”
  • Denitia “Back To You”
  • Ali Sperry “Gladys and Rosalie”
  • Phillip-Michael Scales “Be My Own Man”
  • Late Night Television “Pump The Brakes”
  • Carey Ott and Freaks of Nashville “No Front”
  • The Serpenteens “Love Sick Hotel”
  • Shakira Chinchilla “Health Insurance”
  • Rosetta “I Gotta Know”
  • The Penn Jones Conspiracy “Houdini”
  • Tabitha Meeks “Run Free”
  • Hannah Fairlight “Fever”
  • The It City “Shatter”
  • Henry Cruz “What Is Love”
  • Dylan Smucker “Earthly Pain”
  • Bandit Heart “Crush Enuff”
  • Brother and The Hayes “Something To Find”
  • Whitney Fenimore “New Normal”
  • Augustus Carroll “Dapper Dan”
  • The FBR “Independence Day”
  • Laura Reed “Mercy”
  • Multi Ultra “Picture Perfect”
  • Repeat Repeat “”Animal Version””
  • Vera Bloom “Bohemian Junk”
  • Annie Scherer “Mean Reds”
  • Jonny Lucas “I Like It LIke That”