The New Respects – “Sail”: DJ Pick of the Week

The New Respects

“Sail” by The New Respects is Casey’s DJ Pick of the Week! The New Respects are an indie music group based in Nashville, Tennessee. The band’s lineup currently consists of three members: vocalist and guitarist Jasmine Mullen, guitarist Zandy Mowry, and drummer Darius Fitzgerald. The band debuted in 2017 with their EP Here Comes the Trouble, and has since released a studio album and another EP. Their musical style combines their Christian music roots with themes from blues, rock, and folk music.

Overall, the production behind “Sail” leans more towards acoustic folk music than the rock layout of their previous works. Percussion and drums are entirely omitted, without any replacement. The primary instrument is acoustic guitar, which carries both the rhythm and melody throughout the song. Despite being considered an acoustic tune, an electric guitar occasionally interjects towards the end of the song. Jasmine Mullen’s vocals are smooth and pronounced, but not too overpowering. Once the vocal harmonies enter in the chorus, the atmosphere becomes increasingly pleasant and charged.

“Sail” is the first of five songs on The New Respects’ most recent EP, Don’t Panic. This EP began as a pandemic project for the group, finally coming to fruition in 2022. The New Respects will be playing a handful of shows later this spring. Information regarding these performances, as well as any future music releases, is available on their website. Otherwise, be sure to stay up to date with The New Respects through their Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Also, feel free to check out “Sail” via the YouTube video posted below!

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