The Saint Johns – “Where Do We Go”: DJ Pick of the Week

The Saint Johns

“Where Do We Go” by The Saint Johns is Casey’s DJ Pick of the Week! The Saint Johns is a musical duo formed by singer-songwriters Louis Johnson and Jordan Meredith. The two met while attending Flagler College in 2008, and found a mutual passion for writing and performing music. The duo moved to Nashville after a spontaneous day trip caused them to fall in love with the town’s community. Since then, they have released a five track EP, a studio album, and numerous singles. The duo blends rock and country themes with their own take on the Americana genre.

“Where Do We Go” begins with a vocal count-off from Louis Johnson, with the entrance of bass and drums shortly afterwards. As the song continues, both acoustic and electric guitars enter to fill in the background groove. A multi-part brass ensemble frequently interjects towards the end of musical phrases, playing one of several recurring riffs. Vocally, Meredith uses an aerated and soft tone, while Johnson’s is more full and supported. Nonetheless, their joint harmonies are beautiful and pleasant to the ear. The balance of volume between their voices varies throughout the song, smoothly shifting as necessary. The song features pauses where the instruments and vocals drop out entirely. These pauses are integral to the structure of the song, and have as much of a musical purpose as the instruments themselves.

“Where Do We Go” is one of two songs released on a dual-single/EP of the same name. Although The Saint Johns haven’t announced any further releases, it is likely they will continue creating new music this year. Until then, be sure to keep up with The Saint Johns through their Facebook, Instagram, and website. Also, be sure to check out “Where Do We Go” on Spotify, Apple Music, and Deezer.

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