Wind in My Sail- *repeat repeat: DJ Pick of the Week

*repeat repeat

Casey’s DJ Pick of the Week – “Wind in My Sail” by *repeat repeat

“Wind in My Sail” is the title track off of *repeat repeat’s latest EP. The duo has taken advantage of the abundance of time that 2020 has given everyone and has poured into writing music. 

The song was written “about buzz-kills and withholders from a place of newly-realized empowerment”. It’s an upbeat track that emphasizes the importance of not needing approval to feel confident. Lyrics like “We don’t have to agree⁣⁣. You’ll be whatever⁣⁣, it wont get the better of me” really drive that point home.

 *repeat repeat said it best in their announcement of the release, “It’s a reminder we could all use at times, and sometimes reminders are best delivered with a 12-string guitar.” 2020 has been a trying year for all, this song serves as the reminder we didn’t know we needed.

“Wind in My Sail” is the first release of *repeat repeat’s new music, with more to come in 2021. If the rest of their new music is anything like this one, we like the direction this ship is sailing.

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