Yola – “Diamond Studded Shoes”: DJ Pick of the Week


Yola is back with a vengeance on “Diamond Studded Shoes,” the lead single off her upcoming Stand for Myself. The soulful track is impassioned and galvanizing, taking aim at the division all around us. But if this is any indication, Yola isn’t about to let the man keep her down—and she doesn’t think you should either. “Diamond Studded Shoes” is Rev’s DJ Pick of the Week!

Once again, Yola joins forces here with Black Keys producer Dan Auerbach, who produced her debut Walk Through Fire. His retro sensibility shines through on the immediately classic-sounding song, and it’s a perfect match for the Americana singer’s vocal. Lyrically, the track finds its inspiration in the “let them eat cake” attitude of those in power. Specifically, Yola points to Theresa May, former Prime Minister of her native Great Britain. “She was talking about austerity and that they didn’t have enough money to feed starving children, so they were going to make cuts from all the services essential to keeping people alive and well and healthy and fed and sheltered,” the singer told Rolling Stone. “And she did that all while wearing diamonds on the heels of her shoes.”

On the track’s similarly retro video, Yola evokes The Truman Show, creating a reality where not everything is as perfect as it seems. Check out the video for yourself below!

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