March: Concert Calendar Playlist


March 1: Smart Objects

Venue: The Basement 

Featured Song: “Devastator”

Dynamically driven with synth the music of Smart Objects takes the scenic route. The Nashville native band’s newest single “Devastator” delivers punchy riffs with a gentle tone and is intricately layered musically and vocally. The pop/rock band has released 3 singles and has been actively playing shows around Nashville’s music scene. “Devastator” was Adam’s DJ pick shortly after its release as well as the bands 2017 single “The Autumn Man.Keep your eyes out for a full-length album from the band in 2019 and be sure to get tickets to see them kick off March at The Basement.

March 3: James Bay

Venue: The Ryman [SOLD OUT]

Featured Song: “Pink Lemonade”

“don’t fall into my arms, don’t ask for me to repeat it” opens James Bay over the ringing of a static overdriven guitar. “Pink Lemonade” emulates the feelings of being in a relationship that both people know is going wrong but continue to escape from “talking about it”. Bay does just that in his music video for the song as he escapes in a rocket; something the singer says reminds him of when he tried to run away from home as a child. “Pink Lemonade” alludes to youth not only in it’s title, but also in its overarching theme- a lack of conscious awareness of the bad replaced with the desire to fall into a pink lemonade fueled fantasy. Be sure to check out this song, and check out James Bay’s secret show from the Lightning 100 2014 archives.

March 3: Lightning 100 Presents: Andrew Leahey & The Homestead

Venue: 3rd & Lindsley

Featured Song: “Airwaves”

Before Andrew Leahey moved to Nashville; he formed a band while attending college at the University of Virginia, began a career as a music journalist and suffered a brain tumor almost costing him his hearing. Leahey’s music draws influence from the American heartland rock classics: Bruce Springsteen and Tom Petty. Leahey has been releasing music under his self titled band Andrew Leahey and The Homestead since 2016 and the band just released a brand new single called “Airwaves” March 1st this year. Be sure to give it a listen and go to Andrew Leahey and The Homestead’s Nashville Sunday Night performance at 3rd & Lindsley. If you cant make it listen live on Lightning 100.

March 4: Mountains Like Wax, Daniel Ellsworth & The Great Lakes, Author

Venue: The Basement East

Featured Song: “Messed Up Your Hair”

The moody tunes of Mountains Like Wax sounds like distant memories filled with detached emotions conveyed vaguely enough for the listener fill in their own blanks. “I’m weighing in, I’m wearing thin, but I wear it well” opens the bands latest single “Messed up Your Hair”- an anthem about things that need to change in a relationship, but keep getting swept under the rug.  Mountains Like Wax have made their way into Nashville’s indie rock scene and describe their own sound as a blend of southern post rock. Be sure to listen to Mountains Like Wax’s newest single and get your tickets to see them play The Basement East.

March 6: STRFKR

Venue: Cannery Ballroom

Featured Song: “Golden Light”

A band well known for their relentless touring and dance party encouraging sound; STRFKR is smooth electro-pop with a post-punk edge that occasionally cuts through their songs.  The band calls Portland, Oregon home and has released six studio albums. “Golden Light” off STRFKR’s fourth album released in 2013 features moody bass lines layered over trance-inducing beats. If you’re one that takes a liking to a slow and steady build this song is for you- and if you want to go to a show that makes it hard not to move, get tickets to see STRFKR play at Cannery Ballroom and listen to “Golden Light” in preparation.

March 6: LUTHI 3rd Annual Dance Party with Guthrie Brown

Venue: The Basement

Featured Song: “Stranger”

Band front man Christian Luthi approves of the terms “Boogie Circus” and “Cumberland Funk” to describe his band LUTHI’s sound. LUTHI’s funky, New Wave tinged music has made waves in Nashville, as the band has played Live On The Green, Bonnaroo, and shows opening for fellow local band Moon Taxi. “Stranger” is a strong groove fully equipped with horns and deep musical layers that dabble in psychedelic sounds. LUTHI is guaranteed to help you let loose and strive to do so. Don’t miss out on their 3rd Annual Dance Party at The Basement alongside Guthrie Brown. Listen to “Stranger” above and check out LUTHI’s full Nashville Sunday Night Set from 2018.

March 9: Men I Trust

Venue: The High Watt

Featured Song: “Lauren”

Formed in 2014 in Montreal, Canada; Men I Trust is made up of members Dragos, Jessy, and Emma. Together the three write and produce all of the bands material. Men I Trust’s songs are filled with groovy beats and airy guitars making there sound feel mellow and awakening at the same time. When I first heard “Lauren”, I was instantly drawn in by the song’s punchy bass line delivering it over simple guitar strums and Bee Gee’s like vocal melodies. Give “Lauren” a listen and be sure to snag a ticket to see the band play at The High Watt.

March 9: Lightning 100 Presents Republican Hair

Venue: Exit/In

Featured Song: “Miss Prince”

Republican Hair is no stranger to the Lightning 100 airwaves. The band has performed at Live on the Green, Lightning 100’s Festivus, and Nashville Sunday Night. Republican Hair is led by multi-dimensional artist/songwriter Luke Dick. Luke has written for top country acts, while also pursuing his own project – one that explores many different genres with witty lyrics and relevant themes. “Miss Prince” expresses grief to the late Prince through lyrical and musical symbolism. Republican Hair will surely put on a show you won’t forget, so be sure to get your tickets and check out the band’s in studio performance of “Miss Prince” and their latest release “Chaotic Good”.

March 9: Lucy Dacus With Mal Blum & Fenne Lily

Venue: The Basement East

Featured Song: “Addictions”

“Now I’m awake at 2 AM, Without a cause to draw you in” sings Lucy Dacus in the refrain of her song “Addictions” – a song with a notably rock able build that’s dynamic enough not to take away from Dacus’s vulnerable lyrics. Dacus grew up in Richmond, Virginia and released her first album in 2016. Since she has released her second album Historian and released an EP with boygenius a group composed of Dacus, Phoebe Bridgers, and Julien Baker. Listen to “Addictions” and get tickets to see Lucy Dacus play The Basement East and while you’re at it check out Lucy Dacus’s full Nashville Sunday Night set from our 2017 archives.

March 10: Lightning 100 Presents: William Tyler, Skyway Man

Venue: 3rd & Lindsley

Featured Song: “Fail Safe”- William Tyler

Nashville native, William Tyler is a guitarist, songwriter , and producer whose solo work is comprised of instrumental compositions. His work takes an experimental approach to rock forward country. Tyler’s recently released 2019 project Goes West is his fifth studio album. Tyler describes his sound as “Rural New Age” and you can experience it live at 3rd & Lindsley or through the airways for Lightning 100s Nashville Sunday Night.

Featured Song: “Aliens, Magic Sofa Reprise”- Skyway Man

Skyway Man’s “Aliens, Magic Sofa Reprise” cosmic spin on country takes place on a planet where steel guitars meet psychedelic synths and aliens wear cowboy hats. Check out Skyway Man’s latest release Lagniappe Sessions where you’ll find “Aliens, Magic Sofa Reprise” and head out to 3rd & Lindsley for Nashville Sunday Night where you’ll find Skyway Man himself.

March 14: Cass McCombs

Venue: Exit/In

Featured Song: “Absentee”

American folk singer/songwriter Cass McCombs has released 10 studio albums since 2004 with Tip of the Sphere being his most recent. McComb’s has a perfected lyrical craft and an ability to deliver one infectious melody after the other. To get a good taste of McComb’s sound, check out some old favorites from his past albums. “Brighter!” off his 2013 release Big Wheel and Others contrary to its name sounds like the way a cozy cloudy day feels. “Dreams-Come-True-Girl” featured on Netflix’s Russian Doll truly showcases McComb’s lyrical wit. A more recent tune “Absentee” led by a wallowing piano with underlying psychedelic tones takes a fresh spin on McComb’s timeless style. Be sure to get tickets to see Cass McComb’s play Exit/In.

March 16: Kurt Vile & The Violators With The Sadies

Venue: Ryman Auditorium

Featured Song: “Bassackwards”

Kurt Vile co founded the band War on Drugs in 2005, but soon quit the band to pursue his solo projects. Since Vile has released many of his own projects as well as a collaboration album with Courtney Barnett. Vile’s spoken voice singing style is at its best in his 9:46 minute epic “Bassackwards” off his latest album Bottle It In. The song features a backwards looped guitar Vile says was inspired by The Beatles along with a harp that leans back in the mix- creating a formula for a song that feels hypnotic and transportive. Get your tickets to experience Kurt Vile’s magnetic storytelling at The Ryman and check out his Lightning 100 in studio performance from our 2016 archives.

March 17: Lightning 100 Presents: Samantha Fish

Venue: 3rd & Lindsley

Featured Song: “No Angels”

Based out of New Orleans, Blues singer Samantha Fish can pick up an acoustic or electric guitar and groove away. Her first five album projects were more guitar-focused while her most recent release Belle of the West is more vocally centered, but still full of imprssive guitar licks and solos. “No Angels” is a blues song at its core, with flickers of western influence. Don’t miss Samantha Fish play Nashville Sunday Night at Third & Lindsley, and if you can’t make it tune into Lightning 100 for a live broadcast of the show.

March 20: Lightning 100 Presents: Jeff Tweedy

Venue: James K. Polk Theatre

Featured Song: “Don’t Forget”

You may know Jeff Tweedy as the front man of Alt-Country band Wilco, but even before starting Wilco Tweedy was in a band called Uncle Tupelo. The music created by Tweedy and his bandmates while he was in Uncle Tupelo and Wilco became very influential for its fusion of punk, country, and folk. In Tweedy’s second solo album WARM he sheds a light layer, to his soundscape and even more layers to his lyrics as they are sung gently and honestly. The album feels very autobiographical as it explores themes of death delivered with, well- “warmth”. “Don’t forget, Don’t forget sometimes, We all, we all think about dying, Don’t let it kill you” sings Tweedy in the chorus of “Don’t Forget”- a song that feels like Tweedy is reaching out to hold your hand. Be sure to listen to WARM and get tickets to see Jeff Tweedy play at the James K. Polk Theatre.

March 24: Hozier with Jade Bird

Venue: Grand Ole Opry

Featured Song: “Nina Cried Power” (feat. Mavis Staples)

Hozier’s latest release, Wasteland, Baby! is the first full-length album to be released since his sensational self titled debut in 2014. With “Take Me to Church” becoming a household hit it’s hard to imagine the pressure that can be felt when creating a sophomore project- but Wasteland, Baby! flows nicely from its predecessor- a highly anticipated sequel that carries on consistent themes with new coloration. The records opening track “Nina Cried Power” features Mavis Staples, a stunning complement to the tone of Hozier’s vocal expression. The song also carries the baton from his first albums “Jackie and Wilson” where Hozier lyrically embeds famous singers into the meaning of the song. “Nina Cried Power” pays tribute to Nina Simone, James Brown, and Billie Holliday. Be sure to give this song a listen and get tickets to see him take the stage with the lovely Jade Bird.

Featured Song: “Uh Huh”- Jade Bird

If you’ve never heard Jade Bird before do yourself a huge favor right now and click play. The soulful singer/songwriter grew up in northern England and began playing guitar and writing songs at the age of 13. Bird’s voice is rich, raspy and just flat out rocks, but her tone can switch to sweet and sultry in the blink of an eye. “Uh Huh” lyrically feels like an Americana song, but its soul and edge levitate it into the realms of punk-flavored indie pop. We have been thrilled to have Jade Bird in the Lightning 100 studio in the past. Check out her in-studio performance from our 2017 archives as well as a backstage Bonnaroo interview.

March 25: Jackson Browne

Venue: The Ryman

Featured Song: “Doctor My Eyes”

Jackson Browne will make a stop at The Ryman Auditorium for his 2019 acoustic tour accompanied by longtime bandmates Alethea Mills and Chavonne Stewart, along with multi-instrumentalist Greg Leisz. Before Browne achieved mainstream success with his 1976 album The Pretender he had a top 10 hit with “Doctor My Eyes” and co-wrote The Eagles hit song “Take it Easy”. Browne’s last full-length album was released in 2014 and since he has been playing shows quite frequently. Be sure to get your tickets to see Jackson Browne play acoustically at the Ryman, you won’t want to miss it.


Venue: The Basement East

Featured Song: “Sober Motel” 

Grungy Alt-rock Toronto based band Dilly Dally has released two full length albums with 2018’s Heaven being the most recent. “Sober Motel” off of Heaven has a dynamic that shifts from heavy to airy and back to heavy again making it reminiscent of The Pixies. Frontwoman Katie Monks’s sings with haunting grit and pure emotion- it’s as if her voice has a built in distortion effect she can turn on and off with ease. Listen to Heaven and go check out Dilly Dally at The Basement East.

March 31: Jenny Lewis

Venue: Ryman Auditorium

Featured Song: “Heads Gonna Roll”

We haven’t heard new music from Jenny Lewis since her release of the shimmering west coast pop LP The Voyager back in 2014, but 2019 has gifted two new singles: “Red Bull & Hennessy” and her latest “Heads Gonna Roll” off of her fourth, highly anticipated album On The Line. The smoldering “Heads Gonna Roll” features Ringo Starr on drums and Lewis’s songwriting at its finest. This song is vulnerable and specific, yet still universal- an ability Lewis often accomplishes with detailed verses and broad choruses. Get your tickets to see Jenny Lewis at The Ryman, give “Heads Gonna Roll” a listen and be on the lookout for On The Line; scheduled to release on March 22nd.

Written by: Raeleigh Tochtenhagen