Reservations with Green Door Gourmet


On this week’s Reservations with Lightning In The Morning, Adam and Jayson welcome Chef Richard Jones from Green Door Gourmet!

Green Door Gourmet is a 350 acre USDA certified organic farm, on-farm market and agritourism destination in Nashville! They grow a wide variety of fruits, flowers, vegetables and herbs. They provide customers, including Local Farm Box participants, local restaurants and florists, with the absolute best direct-from-the-field produce. In addition, their on-farm market offers co-operatively sourced products from the area’s best local producers; including grass fed meats, honey, jams, dairy, baked goods and more!

The guys chat with Chef Richard about food and community in Nashville, his upcoming culinary class and more! Listen to the full interview below.Reservations with Lightning 100 is flavored by Springer Mountain Farms.

Click here to listen to the full interview with Green Door Gourmet

Phone: (615) 942-7169
Email: [email protected]