The 615 – 12/17/18


This week The 615 broadcasted live from Project 615 in the Nations! Hammel and Casey played an hour and 45 minutes of great local music on site from Project 615 and were joined by Local Artist of the Week, Elisabeth Beckwitt, for a live performance. Check out the full episode below! 

  • Waker – Easy Tiger
  • Josh Tarp – Ghost In The Radio
  • Faux Ferocious – Price of Progress
  • Old Sea Brigade – Seen A Ghost
  • Okey Dokey – One By One
  • Devon Gilfillian – Winter Wonderland
  • Gabe Burdulis – Late Night Dive
  • J Human – Be Like That
  • Elisabeth Beckwitt – Isabella (Live)
  • Elisabeth Beckwitt – Goddess (Live)
  • Josh Gilligan – Absent Mind
  • Drew Holcomb and the Neighbors – Baby, It’s Cold Outside
  • Nathan Belt and the Buckles – Santa Claus is Back In Town
  • Abigail Flowers – Forgettable
  • Lydia Luce – Covered Up
  • The Vegabonds – Where We Need To Go
  • Teddy and the Rough Riders – Jamboree
  • Gabe Dixon – I Don’t Want to Let Christmas Go

 Tune in at every Monday from 6:15pm to 8:00pm for The615!  Special thanks to our sponsors at Project615, Daddy’s Dogs, and Zero to 60 by AGD.


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