the615 – 2/10/20


Local Artist of the week, Mercy Bell, kicks off the615 this week. Hammel and Casey play tunes from Charli Adams, Evan P Donohue, Hadley Kennary, and more. Stay tuned until the end to hear where you can see The Minks, Rock Eupora, and other great local acts around town this week. Tune in at every Monday from 6:15pm to 8:00pm for the615!  Special thanks to our sponsors at Daddy’s Dogs, Music City Law, and Zero to 60 by AGD.

  • Mercy Bell – Skip to the Part (Local Artist of the Week)
  • Magic In Thirds – Making Paper (Hammel’s DJ Pick)
  • Whoa Dakota – Lovefool (Casey’s DJ Pick)
  • Lilly Hiatt – P-Town
  • Ben Brooks – California
  • Louis Prince – The Number Thirteen
  • Ian Ferguson – Crimson Love
  • The Singing Butcher – Circus Girl
  • Charli Adams – Passenger Seat
  • The Misses – What You Deserve
  • Ryan Sobb & The Dead Mall – Charlotte Ave
  • Evan P Donohue – High In The Country
  • Josh Gilligan – Absent Mind
  • The Blam Blams – A Pretty Face
  • Jon Latham – Learning Now
  • Hadley Kennary – First Love
  • Jordie Lane – The Walls
  • Tommy Womack – It’s Been All Over Before
  • The Minks – J. Walker Blues
  • Teddy and the Rough Riders – Vampire
  • Rock Eupora – Way Out
  • Matt Daughtry – I Try
  • Step Sisters – Be Strange


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