Brews Summer Style 2021: Ep. 2- Scofflaw POG Basement IPA


Today on Brews Summer Style, Matt and Jayson take a dive into Scofflaw’s POG Basement IPA. A staple based out of Atlanta, Georgia, Scofflaw Brewing Company is new to the Nashville market and already making a splash.

The POG Basement IPA has a 7.5% alcohol by volume rate, so it packs a little bit more of a punch than your average beer. It’s also a 45 on the IBU scale, making it a pretty bitter IPA. However, the tropical flavors of passionfruit, orange, and guava help mellow it all out to make a great tasting, beach-worthy drink. It’s perfect for the summertime!

For more details, you can check out the official audio for today’s episode down below.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this tasty trip through Brew’s Summer Style. Check out our previous episodes to see if there are any you missed, and don’t forget to stock up on these summer sips before they’re gone!

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