New Man -“Oh Man!”: Casey’s DJ Pick of the Week


This week, Casey’s DJ pick is “Oh Man!” by New Man! Released on April 14, 2023, this single is a part of witty and bright EP The New New Man. It makes its full debut on April 28th. Local to Nashville, Cody Newman is the brain behind it all, writing indie/surf pop hits for all ages.

Reminiscent of artists like The Beach Boys, The Beatles, and Electric Light Orchestra, New Man brings joy and happiness. Beginning strong with the hook, harmonies and changing drum beats keep you intrigued and on your toes; eager to find out where the song will go next. Though you can easily recognize the influences behind New Man’s sound, his work never feels forced or tired out. Remaining true to the genre, he is still able to add his own spin and innovation of a beloved sound.

Beachy and uplifting, this song brings visuals of top down convertibles and kite flying. As shorts season is upon us, soak up some sun and give it a listen.

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