The Foxies “Call Me Later” – Casey’s DJ Pick of the Week

The Foxies
The Foxies "Call Me Later" - Casey's DJ Pick of the Week

Casey’s DJ Pick of the Week is the newest single from The Foxies, “Call Me Later”. 

Set to release this Friday, January 26th, the newest track is promised to be another powerhouse addition to their discography. Consisting of vocalist Julia Lauren Bullock, guitarist Jake Ohlbaum, and drummer Rob Bodley, the band has perfected the writing and production of a rock hit.

The Nashville-based trio’s official social media accounts have been teasing the new release for the past week. The band released a sixteen second audio clip that has now flooded their Instagram and Facebook pages. The track lays upon a montage of the band taking the single artwork photos at sunset. Always conscious of their aesthetics, the teaser is a perfect visual representation of them and their sound.

Clearly matching the energy of their indie rock influences, the DIY energy of the band shines through without fail. Featuring the silkiness of Bullock’s voice and a powerful drumbeat, the track is loud and powerful. If you’re looking for a local band on the rise, look no further! “Call Me Later” is the second single the band has released following their debut album Who Are You Now, Who Were You Then? in 2022. The glitterpunk band is welcomed their newest era with eclectic singles and an exclusive performance at East Iris Studios presented by Lightning 100!

Listen to “Call Me Later” When It Officially Drops on January 26th!

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