the615 Saturday – 01/27/24

the615 Saturday
the615 Saturday

On this week’s episode of the615 Saturday, Casey explains how an element came to be named after Tennessee. You’ll also hear some tracks from the Foxies, The Weird Sisters, Drugstore Cowboy, and many more. He features our Frothy Monkey Local Artist of the Week, Carey Ott with “World Gone Crazy” (feat. Freaks of Nashville.) Tune in every Monday and Saturday from 6pm to 8pm for the615! Special thanks to our sponsors Daddy’s Dogs and SEA Institute!

  • Lonesome Joy – “Roll With The Thunder”
  • Marble Jets – “Empire Of Love”

Ducky Neptune – “Jamesy Boy”

Foxies – “Call Me Later”

Carey Ott. ft. Freaks Of Nashville – “World Gone Crazy”

Austin Grimm and Mellodose – “Leap Of Faith”

Maia Sharp – “She’ll Let Herself Out”

Calico Mantra – “Money For Dope”

Dreaded Laramie – “Breakup Songs”

The Weird Sisters – “Ride That Satellite”

Kelsey Abbott – “Does It Make Sense”

Sarah Beth Go – “Teamo”

Genevieve Hayward – “LAME”

Aaron Lee Tasjan – “Horror Of It All”

The It City – “The Ocean”

Drugstore Cowboy – “Green Flag”

Riley Whittaker – “Life After Death”

Lydia Brittain – “Fall In Love”

Sewing Club – “Too Well”

Atom + Evil – “Dr. Greedy”

LB Beistad – “Why Don’t We Go West”

Julia Cannon – “Day 2 Day”

Connor Kelly and The Time Warp – “Lines In Your Face”

Luthi – “Sleepwalkin'”

Bad Bad Luck – “King Of Nowhere”

Keep Warm – “Power Wagon”

Multi Ultra – “Move”

Certainly So – “Patience”

Calico Queen – “Beach Vacation”