After the Mayhem

Smooth Hound SmithInterviewed and edited by Aziza Cunningham

After battling it out at Music City Mayhem, Lightning 100 talks to our 2015 champs before their big show at Live On The Green Music Festival on September 11th.  Zack Smith answered a few questions to better acquaint us with his and Caitlin Doyle’s winning folk-soul/instrument-heavy act: Smooth Hound Smith.

Lightning: How did the band form, and explain the name of the band.

Zack: The formation of Smooth Hound Smith was kismet, really. Caitlin and I were aware of each other playing in bands in LA, then the timing worked out and we got together after I had moved to East Nashville and she visited me.  She sat in with me one fateful night at Mad Donna’s, singing harmonies and playing her washboard, and we just built on it from there and started touring.  The name comes from my father who is a waterman, maritime archaeologist, and 50+ year SCUBA diving veteran.  He mentioned that he was seeing “smooth hounds” in the ocean out in California; they’re a genus of shark that hangs in temperate tidal waters.  It also sounds like a blues man that never existed, but should have, so I put it with my last name.

Lightning: Who does what in the songwriting process, and any interesting methods or go-to places for writing?

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Music City Mayhem 2014

Lightning 100 went from 340 bands submitting to Music City Mayhem down to just 32.  Nashville then selected the final 5 bands and out emerged….Phin!

Check out their FREE online sampler “Those Killers”.


Music City Mayhem tracks

Lightning 100 wants to thank every band that enter into Music City Mayhem.  We had over 340 bands submit and we could only accept less than 10% of these bands for the contest.  Take some time to listen to the tracks!  Voting begins on March 17th.


Music City Mayhem 2013 playlist

Lightning 100 had over 300 submissions for Music City Mayhem this year.  It was difficult narrowig down to 32, now we need your help find 5th Music City Mayhem Champ!  Check out the top 32 this year all in one playlist.  Don’t forget to vote for your favorite artist each round on our Music City Mayhem page.


Artists of the week: Eastern Block

Lightning 100 has been a fan of Eastern Block ever since they won our Music City Mayhem contest in 2011 then later went on to perform at Live On The Green.  Tune in to 100.1 FM to hear “Protecting God” by Eastern Block.  Click here to check out Eastern Block’s kickstarter campaign to help the band raise money for their upcoming LP.

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Music City Mayhem in-studios

Congratulations to Roots for Rebellion for winning the 2012 Music City Mayhem.  Next time we see the guys they will be on stage at Live On the Green performing for thousands of fans!  We want to say a special thanks to Kansas City Bible Company, Hot Mess and Billy Swayze for being apart of the contest.


Roots of a Rebellion performing “Giving Tree”

Music City Mayhem champs, Roots of a Rebellion perform “Giving Tree” live in the studio.  Check ROAR out at Live On the Green on September 20th with MISSING CATS FEATURING JOHN “JOJO” HERMANN & SHERMAN EWING and NORTH MISSISSIPPI ALLSTARS!

Filmed and Edited by Brian Waters


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