Caroline Rose’s Bonnaroo Debut

Caroline Rose - Photography by Josh Reisch

Written By: Delaney Fanning

Caroline Rose stopped by our cozy studio at Plaza 7 to talk to Jesse after her first ever Bonnaroo set yesterday. If that name sounds familiar, that’s because it is. This talented artist has created a buzz all over the nation for her 2018 release, Loner. You may have also seen her perform last month at The Basement East with Kississippi, presented by Lightning 100. In the interview, she talks about Juuls, her hilarious Twitter, and the next album.

It’s an excellent year for Caroline Rose to have her first Bonnaroo experience because the weather has never been better. When she hit the stage, it was a sunny 74 degrees outside. “I expected it to be like 100 degrees, so it’s nice to wear, you know, just my casual clothes,” she says, dressed in her full red regalia.

In conversation, they began to explain the strange yet electric dynamic of the ‘Roo crowd yesterday. Caroline recalls the interesting signs, sculptures, and flags she saw from the stage. “There was like a dinosaur head I think?” she tries to remember. Based on the description, it sounds like the audience matches her exact energy. “I like rowdy, it’s in my DNA,” she tells Jesse.

While performing, she admits that she sometimes sings the wrong words. “We’ve been making up funny alternate verses of some of my songs, and it started to screw me up because I’ll sing the fake verse’s now instead,” Caroline confessed to us that it happened while performing in That Tent today. Her clever puns and wordplay keep the audience on their toes and make for a fun show.

At the closing of the interview, Caroline shares her big plans for the rest of the summer. She will be playing a lot of festivals, some shows in between, and finishing up her next album. “I wanna get it really right, so I’m not rushing… it’s sounding really good.” At Lightning, we are excited to hear her new material and play it at the station.

Click here to watch the full interview on our Facebook page where you can hear more about touring, what her favorite line is and the plans for Caroline Rose’s upcoming record! Check back to Lightning 100 to be in the know about her future releases.