Greta Van Fleet Sells Out Municipal Auditorium


Greta Van Fleet returns to Nashville after their canceled show in October due to illness.

By 3PM Sunday, nearly a dozen people plopped up against the auditorium looking like they were benched on the sidelines in a bad game of Nashville traffic. Greta Van Fleet takes the stage the following night and the campers did not appear to be having more fun than the locals escaping game-day traffic. The dedication of these fans is not to be underestimated. This is now their second attempt to camp out for the show.

It is December 16th, the night of the concert. Fans filled in as Aaron Lee Tasjan opens the night. The security line straddled the dome from both sides until Greta Van Fleet’s performance. When the band rolled out, the colorful audience got together and strained their necks for a better glimpse. Every element of the show was bright and eclectic with a common retro theme to tie it together. My eyes were excited by an excess of rhinestones, dazzling lighting, and a celestial wardrobe.

This sold-out show featured several songs from their Grammy-award winning album From the Fires and their recent release, Anthem of the Peaceful Army. The set also included a tribute to John Denver with a cover of The Music is You. The crowd, speckled in all black or tie-dye, was in constant motion with the music. Check out our photo gallery to see photos of their glamorous performance below.

Photos Courtesy of Ben Neely

Written by Delaney Fanning