Aaron Lee Tasjan backstage at Pilgrimage Festival

Aaron Lee Tasjan stopped by the Lightning 100 booth at Pilgrimage to talk to Jayson about his new record and the tour he just finished with Social Distortion. His album, Karma For Cheap, released by New West Record, came out in August. Tasjan was able to keep the album local by writing with friends and recording in Nashville at Sound Emporium and at Sheryl Crow’s studio. The album was recorded with his touring band and even features Crow on one song. It grabs influence from his childhood in Southern California and the Lennon-McCartney songs he figured out on guitar as a pre-teen. Tasjan also uses his music to try to understand the world we’re living in today, seen in songs like “The Truth is so Hard to Believe” and “Set You Free.”
Talking about his tour with Social Distortion, Tasjan says it was a “total trip.” He noted that he had to work to win the Social Distortion crowd over but ultimately it was a great experience. Tasjan also shared the story of his gear being stolen in Sacramento at the end of the tour; thankfully a “good samaritan” found and returned everything.
Watch his backstage interview with Jayson below.