Brews Summer Style 2021: Ep. 3- Sierra Nevada Fantastic Haze IPA


Sierra Nevada Fantastic Haze IPA

Today, Jayson and Matt delve into the land of IPAs with the Sierra Nevada Fantastic Haze IPA. Based out of Chico, California, Sierra Nevada is known for its adventurous and flavorful beer. Intended to please all beer lovers, this brewery offers an assortment of beers with their original craft, sour ale, and IPAs. The Fantastic Haze IPA is one that you’ll definitely want to hear more about!

Known as an Imperial IPA, it weighs in at a 9% alcohol content. In addition to being a hefty drink, it is comprised of five different hops. Packed full of flavor, these five hops include Amarillo, Azacca, Chinook, Idaho 7, and Strata. The Fantastic Haze is one of Sierra Nevada’s sweeter and more tropical IPAs due to its variety of hops. Lacking a bitter taste, this IPA is perfect for mellow beer drinkers who enjoy a refreshing, sweet sip.

A perfect summer beer, the Fantastic Haze hits the spot on those long, hot days. Feeling adventurous? Make the trek to one of Sierra Nevada’s California or North Carolina breweries to get that fresh taste. Or check your local supermarket to purchase these 12 oz. cans! Either way, you can’t go wrong cracking open the Fantastic Haze IPA!

We hope you’ve enjoyed this tasty trip through Brew’s Summer Style. Check out our previous episodes to see if there are any you missed, and don’t forget to stock up on these summer sips before they’re gone!

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