Brews Summer Style 2021: Ep. 8 – Little Harpeth Brewing Bison Vienna Lager


Little Harpeth Brewing Bison Vienna Lager

With Germantown’s Oktoberfest on the horizon, what better way to start preparing than by drinking Little Harpeth Brewing’s Bison Vienna Lager. Jayson and Matt taste this traditional German-style lager beer from the local brewery, Little Harpeth Brewing.

Infused with European noble hops, this lager has a sweetness to it due to its malt flavor. Mixing that with a spicy, smooth finish, it is a toasty dark amber lager meant for any occasion. Bison Vienna Lager comes in 12 oz. cans, with a 5.8% alcohol content. It can be purchased at local retailers and stores, as well as found on draft around town. It is a seasonal beer, going from spring to fall, just in time for Oktoberfest in late September.

Little Harpeth Brewing has recently moved locations and is now out in The Nations. With a taproom in the works, be sure to make your way over soon and enjoy this crisp Bison Vienna Lager!

We hope you’ve enjoyed this tasty trip through Brew’s Summer Style. Check out our previous episodes to see if there are any you missed, and don’t forget to stock up on these summer sips before they’re gone!

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