Deep Sea Diver – Wishing: DJ Pick of the Week


Today’s DJ Pick of the Week goes to Deep Sea Diver for their song “Wishing”. This track was one of the singles released off the band’s latest studio album Impossible Weight. The co-producers of the album are band leader, Jessica Dobson and Andy D. Park and they recorded most everything at Seattle’s Studio X and the Hall of Justice. 

“I’d never produced a record before and I started out with low expectations for myself, but at some point I realized, ‘I can do this,” says Dobson. “I decided to completely trust my voice and make really bold decisions in all my production calls— just push everything to the absolute outer edges.”

Dobson did an incredible job at capturing the authenticity of the themes expressed in the tracks on the album. “Wishing” has an incredible chorus and extremely thoughtful lyrics. The music video features more than 75 shuttered music venues during the time of covid. Check it out below! 

“Wishing I was somebody else 

Try to take the wheel and turn it around 

Wishing I was somebody else 

Because you’re driving me into the ground.” 

Lyrics from “Wishing” by Deep Sea Diver

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