Hovvdy – “True Love”: DJ Pick of the Week


Hovvdy release their first single off of their new upcoming October 1st album True Love via Grand Jury. The Austin, Texas duo is made up of drummers Charlie Martin and Will Taylor. The two formed Hovvdy back in 2014 and have been creating art ever since. The track is sure to instill feelings of calm and youthfulness in all listeners. “True Love” is Stephanie’s DJ Pick of the Week!

Excited for their True Love album release, Charlie Martin says, “this collection of songs feels to us like a return to form, writing and recording songs for ourselves and loved ones. Spending less energy consumed with how people may respond freed us up to put our efforts into creating an honest, heartfelt album that spans a range of sonic landscapes, yet feels like a singular breath.” These thoughts transfer over to “True Love” with its euphoric and transcending feel.

“For each Hovvdy record there’s always been a song that kinda shocks my system, kinda jolts me into a brand new and inspired place. This was definitely that song for me. I remember writing it and feeling a rush of excitement—crying a lot honestly. It feels so good to express love and appreciation when you really fucking mean it. But it’s hard to feel worthy of love, of something so rare, and all we can do is try to measure up—that’s what that last part is all about.” -Hovvdy

Already booking tour dates, Hovvdy is ready for the release of their True Love album, out October 1. We are stoked to hear more from the duo! Be sure to watch their video for “True Love” below!

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