Ella Thompson “Never Fight the Way You Feel” – Jayson’s DJ Pick of the Week

Ella Thompson Never Fight the Way You Feel

Jayson’s DJ pick of the week is Ella Thompson’s “Never Fight the Way You Feel.” It’s the first single off of Thompson’s forthcoming album “Domino,” and it hits the airwaves Friday, October 6th.

Ella Thompson spent the past ten years of her life experimenting with genres. She’s released solo projects, side projects, full-band tracks, and features. Make no mistake, she was not trying to find “her sound.” She found it, and on this release, she returns to her signature blend. It’s a sound rooted in soul, with waves of funk and singer-songwriter that wash over it with ease.

“Never Fight the Way You Feel” is influenced by 1970s Italian films. Its ethereal production elevates the sparse instrumental, and a phasing guitar adds a layer of funk to the retro sound. That instrumentation comes from Frozen Music Library, a catalogue of material composed by collaborators of Karate Boogaloo and friends of Ella’s. When she heard the instrumental, Thompson knew she wanted to write and sing over it. Her layers of bittersweet harmony complement the themes of connection and reconnection. In Ella’s words, “Time can create distance with important people […] we never really know what’s going on until we ask.” The importance of the lyric heightens Thompson’s vocals, which command the listener’s attention and thought.

It’s no surprise how well the song is composed, as Thompson is also a music teacher. When not recording or promoting her music, she is often in the classroom, where she is “fostering creative curiosity and individuality.” She teaches students of all ages and abilities, and is passionate in her role in academia, much like she is passionate in her artistic endeavors. 

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