Noah Guthrie & Good Trouble “Survivors” – ONErpm Hitmaker Alert


This week’s ONErpm Hitmaker belongs to Noah Guthrie & Good Trouble and their new song “Survivors”. This song is the newest hit single from the venerated tv star released on June 30.

Noah Guthrie is a singer and songwriter from Greenville, South Carolina. He hails from a musical background as both his parents were studio musicians in his early life. In his teen years, Noah created a blues band with his brother. He has credited this for bringing him out of his shell and turning him into a lively musician. As years went on, his love for music grew into major success with his appearance on America’s Got Talent and eventually landed himself on the show Glee. Subsequently, the fame he made along the way spurred his career into what it is now.

Survivors is a solid indie/roots rock tune. It encompasses the signature sound Noah Guthrie is know for while also bringing a new feel to the table. The part of the song that truly shines through is the vocals. Noah Guthrie’s voice is emotional and powerful, shining through the song like a man waving a flag. The guitar complements the vocals perfectly by being powerful enough to allow the vocals to shine through.

Check out “Survivor” Below!

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