Squirrel Flower “Alley Light” – Stephanie’s DJ Pick of the Week

Squirrel Flower Alley Light

Stephanie’s DJ pick of the week is “Alley Light” by Squirrel Flower. It’s a single from Tomorrow’s Fire, her latest album, available everywhere October 13th.

Like the rest of Tomorrow’s Fire, “Alley Light” was recorded at Drop of Sun Studios in Asheville, North Carolina. The desolate, Appalachian vibe of Drop Sun seeps into this single. In contrast, Squirrel Flower’s time in Boston, Massachusetts and Grinnell, Iowa paint the city the narrator is trying to escape.

With “Alley Light,” Squirrel Flower delivers a haunting sound. Crunchy guitars contrast the smooth and silky lead vocal in a delightfully unsettling way. In the verses, the harmonies that linger below the surface evoke a teenage angst that only an artist of her caliber can portray. There’s a familiarity to the pondering of freedom and its costs, as depicted in the second verse: “She says she wants to go far, outta town in my beat-up car, will she find another man who can take her there when my drive burns out?”

The composition and production reflect this balance. The rhythm section is light and steady, while layered electric guitars bring ferocity and intensity to the track. It’s the work of both Squirrel Flower and guitarist Alex Farrar, who together ignite the song as they do the stage. You can see Squirrel Flower live on February 10th at Third Man Records.  In the meantime, listen to “Alley Light” below.

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