Stephen Marley “Old Soul” – Rev’s DJ Pick of the Week


Rev’s DJ Pick of the Week is “Old Soul” from Stephen Marley. A sentimental song about his story, he captures you heart with his nostalgic sound.

The son of the legendary Bob Marley, Stephen carries his fathers voice in his own original way. Music is in his genes, and he’s been making it since he was only 7 years old. Never ceasing to end his creative endeavors, he shares his heartful sound with everyone. His reggae inspired music is refreshing, addictive, and soulful.

Take a journey through Stephen Marley’s life with “Old Soul.” It’s an ode to both his childhood self and the person he is now. The lyrics share that the song is a, “Tribute to the ones who made it all possible,” mentioning both his familial inspirations and his musical ones. Beautifully crafted with acoustic guitar, the track is powered by love and carries a meaningful message the touches the soul.

Listen to Stephen’s newest track below!

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