Offshoot Beer Co. “Pathways Experimental Hazy IPA” – Brews in Bloom 2022

Offshoot Experimental Hazy IPA

Today we’re kicking off the second week of Brews in Bloom with our first Hazy IPA! In this episode, Offshoot Beer Co. brings us “Pathways”, their experimental Hazy IPA. Now, you may wonder, “What about this beer is experimental? Should we be concerned?” Not to worry! A glass of “Pathways” may look clouded, but Jayson and Matt’s judgement is not. This brew is experimental because Offshoot Beer Co. works with a very creative team at Yakima Chief Hops who create this beverage using their experimental Cryo-Pop Hops. These unique hops give the beer a fruity aroma, creamy texture, and additional sweetness!

Offshoot Beer Co. is relatively new to the Nashville area, but with this on the shelves, it won’t take long for everyone to know their name. You can grab Offshoot Beer Co.’s “Pathways” Experimental Hazy IPA at your local beer retailer in a four pack of 16oz cans. They’ll also be at East Nashville Beer Festival on April 9th, and you’ll be able to taste it there! Join Jayson and Matt again tomorrow for another springtime sip. As usual, they’ll be back at 6:30am, but you can listen to the replay at 6:30pm or on Soundcloud. Here is today’s episode:


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