Radeberger “Pilsner Zwickelbier” – Brews in Bloom 2022


This Tuesday, Brews in Bloom is going international! Today’s beer is the Pilsner Zwickelbier from Radeberger. Radeberger is a German brewery located in the town of Radeberg. Their Pilsner Zwickelbier is an unfiltered beer sourced directly from the brewery’s fermentor taps. The German word for these taps is Zwickel, hence the name Zwickelbier. The Pilsner Zwickelbier is refreshing and flavorful, and complements any genre of food. With an ABV of around 6%, the Zwickelbier is easy to drink, no matter the occasion!

We’ll be back tomorrow with another great springtime brew, but until then, check out the full episode below. You can also catch our interviews live on the radio at 6:30am weekdays with a replay at 6:30pm. Prost!