Sixpoint Brewery “Anti Resin Hazy IPA” – Brews in Bloom 2022

Anti Resin Hazy IPA

Happy hump day everyone! Brews In Bloom 2022 is going by so quickly! After today, we only get two more episodes of this scrumptious show. With that being said, let’s not rush into the future. In fact, let’s take a look into the past- two days in the past, to be exact. On Monday Jayson and Matt brought us a Hazy IPA with a bit of a twist. Today, they bring us another! In this episode, Jayson and Matt tell us about Sixpoint Brewery and their “Anti-Resin Hazy IPA”.

Sixpoint Brewery is a Brooklyn-based brewery that has been creating delicious brews since 2004. However, at this point in the world of brewing, everybody sells a Hazy IPA. So, what makes this one different? For starters, this brew comes in at a whopping 9.1% ABV, making it a double IPA due to the higher alcohol content. Secondly, the “Anti-Resin Hazy IPA” has an IBU of zero. IBU stands for International Bitterness Units, and it’s used to measure – yep, you guessed it- the bitterness of beer. What makes this so outstanding is that a typical double IPA has an IBU in the 90s-100s. Jayson and Matt had a great time today discovering that the “Anti Resin Hazy IPA” from Sixpoint Brewery is simply not like other beers.

As we slide off the hump and into the end of the week, you are not going to want to miss our next two episodes of Brews in Bloom. We hope that you’ve been tuning into this series for its duration, which would mean that you know when to catch the next episode. However, this show introduces a new beer every day, so it’s understandable if you need a little reminder. You can catch the next episode of Brews in Bloom tomorrow morning at 6:30am on Lightning 100, with a replay at 6:30pm! You can also listen to each episode on Soundcloud. Today’s episode is right here: