Sullivan’s Brewing Co. “Maltings Irish Ale” – Brews in Bloom 2022

Sullivan's Brewing Co.

Well, we’ve made it to the end of Brews In Bloom 2022. While it feels right to mourn the end of this series with a few tears, we think it’s a better idea to make like the Irish, and have a beer instead. In today’s finale episode, Jayson and Matt bring us an Irish brew from Sullivan’s Brewing Co.! “Maltings Irish Ale” is a traditional Irish red ale rich in caramel and biscuit flavor. The easy-to-drink ale consists of four malts and three varieties of hops! Furthermore, Sullivan’s Brewing Co. uses local Irish ingredients. Making delicious beer since 1702, it’s clear that over the years they’ve perfected their process. You can find this brew in 14.9oz cans at your local beer retailer. Go ahead and grab some for your St. Patrick’s Day festivities!

We are sad to see the end of this year’s Brews In Bloom, but we find comfort in knowing that it is not gone forever. In fact, if you missed any of the episodes, you can find them at We encourage you to try each brew and let us know which one is your favorite on Twitter @Lightning100! Work your way backwards starting with today’s episode here: