Brews Summer Style 2021: Ep. 4- Stone “Fear Movie Lions” Hazy Double IPA


Today’s episode of Brews Summer Style features Jayson and Matt trying out the Stone Brewing’s “Fear Movie Lions” Hazy Double IPA. Curious about the name? The brewery explains that the drink gets its name from the global positioning system called “What 3 Words,” which assigns three words to every three-meter square on the globe. If you look up “” in the database, it’ll lead you to Stone Brewing Richmond, the brewery’s Virginia location where the beer originated.

Stone Brewing also has a location in San Diego. This means they can incorporate elements of both East Coast and West Coast IPAs in their drinks. “It’s got the bitter hoppy backbone you’d expect from a West Coast IPA, with a slight haze and massive aroma you’d typically find in an East Coast style IPA,” they say on their website about the drink. It also has a bitterness unit of 60 and an 8.5% alcohol percentage. It ranks highest on the haziness scale compared to the other drinks we’ve featured so far.

Interested in learning more? Check out the full episode to hear what Matt and Jayson have to say! You can hear their thoughts on the beverage and learn more about the company in the audio below.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this tasty trip through Brew’s Summer Style, featuring Stone “Fear Movie Lions” Hazy Double IPA. Check out our previous episodes to see if there are any you missed, and don’t forget to stock up on these summer sips before they’re gone!

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